Bidao Chain

Dear Bidao Warriors πŸ‘Š

The team has been very busy with all the development tasks. Thanks to the testers of the BSC testnet version, we have been able to resolve lots of bugs and improve the UX. All these improvements are already included in the Polygon version. The Polygon development threw us some curveballs but the team was able to resolve all major pain points and we are confident that soon the Polygon version can go public.

The Polygon version is already deployed and can connect to the Polygon/MATIC network.



Dear Bidao Warriors πŸ‘‘

our developers are working hard to bring Bidao to the Polygon L2 blockchain. The progress is very rapid and soon Bidao will be running on the Polygon network. Please check out the Polygon documentation to be prepared.

What can I do on Polygon ❓

The big advantage of Polygon is that the Polygon chain has very low fees. This means that interacting with smart contracts is very efficient and token swaps can be done without paying high fees. There are also Uniswap alternatives on Polygon so that swapping tokens is fast and cheap.

Uniswap alternatives:

Please stay tuned for further updates as Bidao becomes the first multichain Defi system πŸ’ͺ



Dear Bidao Warriors βœ‹

the team worked relentlessly to bring Bidao to the Binance Smart Chain. We worked day and night to make this possible and we are happy to announce that soon Bidao will launch on the testnet of the Binance Smart Chain.

We are targeting a launch within the next 2 weeks.

Please stay tuned for further details πŸ™Œ