Bidao coming to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Dear Bidao Warriors 👑

The Binance Smart Chain has become a very popular chain for DeFi projects. Many DeFi newcomers launched on BSC like Pancakeswap and Autofarm. We are happy that Bidao can contribute to this awesome DeFi community 👏

Why Binance Smart Chain? ❓

BSC has some advantages compared to other Blockchains like Ethereum and Cosmos. A big advantage is that you can easily interact with BSC DApps with the same tools that everyone already used for Ethereum DApps. This makes it super easy to use because most DeFi users are already familiar with Metamask and how it works. So everyone can start using it right away because there is no learning curve to climb. Another big advantage is the much lower gas costs. For example swaps on Pancakeswap can be done for <1USD.

Check out Bidao on BSC! 💻

In the last months, we worked hard to bring Bidao to BSC. We received lots of user feedback and users told us that they would love us to bring Bidao to BSC. Now we are happy to give you a first impression of Bidao DeFi on BSC. The look and feel is the same as our other Bidao products. The impression of our Beta testers is that the BSC version is even easier to use than our Cosmos version because you can use it just like all your other favorite DApps like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Compound, etc. This will make it much easier to attract new users to the Bidao ecosystem.

Moreover, we already integrated new crypto assets like XRP, DOT, ADA, and FIL. You can see all the supported coins in the list below.

Also minting BAI has never been easier. Just some clicks and you have fresh BAI on BSC.

Next steps 👣

Lots of work has been already done. At the moment we have some more work to integrate all the crypto assets. Once that is done, we are confident that the system can go public.

As always we are happy to hear your feedback ❤️