Bidao Testnet Registration 📝

As we told in our New Years post, 2021 will be the year of Bidao. 🚀 #YOBID2021

This is the first step of our 2021 journey and we are happy that we can enjoy this adventure with our Bidao community. Together with our community we want to deliver the best product and user experience possible.

What awaits you❓

In short: The goal of Bidao is to build a stablecoin solution that is flexible and user friendly.

Bidao is not just a simple clone of other stablecoin projects like MakerDAO. The current decentralized stablecoin solutions are very rigid, which means that they are not very flexible and cannot adapt to user demands very quickly. All current solutions are hard-wired, therefore adding new collateral types is very hard. Bidao will change that. We are building a system that makes adding new collateral Tokens very simple.

admin interface collateral types
admin interface currency settings

You can see that adding new collateral types is as simple as it gets: It is just clicking a button!

You can see that in the current state we had LINK activated as collateral type which allowed us to create a stablecoin using LINK as collateral asset.

Having this kind of flexibility is very important in the current crypto market. User demands are changing every week and we want to provide a system that allows to react to these user demands.

We are also building a system that is much more user friendly. Many users are already familiar with Metamask. Metamask is probably the most used tool in the cryptospace and it is basically a browser extension that allows interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. As most users are already familiar with browser extensions we decided to build a browser extension for Bidao that allows easy interaction with the Bidao ecosystem.

Besides the browser extension, we offer an easy to use web interface to interact with the Bidao blockchain. This way Bidao doesn’t require any technical knowledge and everyone is able to interact with the system. This is especially important when new users are attracted to the crypto market.

Apply for the testnet access! 📝

Our Bidao Warriors can now apply to get early access to the internal test network. Please tell us your email address and we will invite selected warriors to the test network very soon.

Let’s build Bidao together 💪

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