Development Update — Mobile CDP for Android and iOS 💻

Dear Bidao Warriors,

in this development update, we will go over some new exciting stuff that we developed. At first, we will give a short update regarding the test-net and then we will share our new mobile application.

Testnet Update 🆙

The testnet is running very smoothly, but there can be some downtime at the moment because we are actively fixing stuff and debugging stuff. We are working on an update regarding the Blockexplorer that should massively improve the current experience. We also had to make some minor changes regarding the Tokenbridge as there have been some breaking changes in the web3 libraries.

Mobile (iOS, Android) Application for Bidao 📱

We think that it is very important that the Bidao system is as accessible as possible to everyone. So the best way to achieve this is to create a Bidao mobile application for iOS and Android. Nearly everyone on earth has access to a mobile device and we want that as many people as possible can use Bidao.

Currently, the Bidao application supports all features of the Bidao web application except the Tokenbridge and some features of the Blockexplorer.

The features supported by the Bidao mobile application are currently:

  • Creating new wallets ✅
  • Importing wallets ✅
  • Sending Tokens ✅
  • Creating CDPs ✅
  • Interacting with the CDPs ✅
  • Multi wallet support ✅
  • Multi asset support ✅
  • Transaction history ✅
  • Portfolio Tracker ✅
  • Additional Security features ✅

Because the Bidao mobile application is always in your pocket, we are also developing additional security measures for the mobile version like an additional PIN that is required to interact with your wallet.

create a new wallet
additional security for your wallet
switch accounts easily
additional settings
fully functional CDP system

Thanks to the community for all your support ❤️